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How Will You Expand?

Some big things are happening at Icon, this past month we expanded our operations and opened our Orlando office to help us serve more industries and businesses nationwide.

We put 3 business owners to the chalange of "if you got $50K in the next 2 days, how would you put it to work?

We had an Auto Service Shop in Ohio use the money to pay off a past due vendor and reopen a valuable vendor who he can now purchase from in larger quanity and save an additional 10% by prepaying his order.

We had a Healthcare agency that was able to hire 2 new area develeopers, to generate more referals from hospitals in the neighboring town, they also used the money to hire 5 more nurses to facilitate the new business coming in, Icon helped them cover payroll until they get reimbursment.

We also had a Ski resort in Collorado utilize 50K to make some neccessary repairs before next winter comes around, smart planning ahead.

How would you like to $50K to work for you?

Let us know

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